Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cosmic Resurgency

Here's another recent album cover. I was limited on time, so i used various methods to speed up the process. I think it turned out pretty good. :)

I Never Stop Drawing

Here's a digital painting with a lot more detail than what I typically put into projects for bands. I posted it on my website for commercial use...Not sure if anyone will grab it but i don't see why not. I'm always drawing something new, even if i'm not being requested to do so. I figure that even if i don't make any money from it, at least i get some practice and when i post it online i get more exposure. Both of those things are valuable, so it's a win win situation. Well, back to work. I'll post more soon....

Friday, October 4, 2013

Chemical Cascades Logo and shirt design

Here's a logo i drew this week for the Australian band Chemical Cascades 
This is one of many projects i'm working on. I'll post some of the others later..They asked me to make a quick octopus to put on the back, so i did that as a bonus...Yes, this is a logo...

In Demoni

Here's a recent logo and album cover for the band In Demoni. I have a lot more that i'm gonna be posting.
I might paint some more zombie images...
I've been heavily influenced by zombies in my daily life lately, haha.